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tap titans 2 tips and tricks

Tap Titans 2 is a very popular tapping game that many people love to play. This game is really addictive and fun. That’s why a lot of newcomers are still downloading this one to give it a try. And today, I’m here to give you some nice Tap Titans 2 tips and tricks for all of the beginners. Below here, I have some tips that are easy to apply and they will help you a lot while playing this game.

— Tap Titans 2 Tips and Tricks —

Upgrade Your Main Hero as Often as Possible

Let’s start the tips and tricks for Tap Titans 2. In this game, you will have a hero to inflict an attack to the Titans. At first, he can only inflict a small damage. But, as the time goes on, you will meet the stronger ones in which harder and take a longer time to beat. So, you need to improve your hero’s attack by upgrading its level. He will inflict a bigger damage after you have upgraded him. Not only that, you will also unlock some useful skills after you reach a certain level like Flame Sword and Hand of Midas.

Use More Fingers

This game is a tapping game where you need to tap the screen to launch an attack. Many people just using one of their fingers to do it. But actually, you can do it with more fingers, even ten if you can. Then, you can give the damage to the enemies faster than just using one finger.

Recruit and Level Up the Secondary Heroes

Besides your main hero, you will also have some secondary heroes which will help you to defeat the Titans. You don’t need to tap your screen to make them launch an attack because they will do it automatically even when you quit from the game. So, don’t forget to recruit all the secondary heroes available to make your job easier. And always upgrade them like you upgrade your main hero.

Bring the Pet

Pet is another companion that will help you to get rid with those Titans. Maybe their size is so small, but you cannot underestimate them. The pets have their own abilities that will be very useful for us. Each of them has different passive skills like increasing our main hero attack for a certain amount and etc. Make sure to bring the right pet if you have some of them.

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They are all the Tap Titans 2 tips and tricks that I can share with you for today. May these tips be useful to help your progress in this game.


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