Tap Tap Dash Guide | The Best Way to Play This Game Effectively!

tap tap dash guide

Second Arm, the publisher of this game done really well. The created an amazing game with a simple gameplay. Actually, what the great aspects of this game that can give goosebumps to all players? It all thanks to the cute bird or also known as the mascot of this game. You need to help this red birds to collect red dots that appear around the stage. You can do this by simply tapping the screen. Now, to make your gameplay more powerful, check Tap Tap Dash guide below.

Tap Tap Dash Guide | The Ultimate Way to Become the Number One Player!

  • Don’t Swipe Your Screen: Although the tutorial already explained to you about this one, in a case of you forget it, I will remind you again. Yeah, when playing this game, you just need to simply tap the screen. When you want to change the course of the road, you just tap it. Like the title said, you just need to tap it. But, don’t tap the bird okay? LOL.
  • Focus Your Character in the Middle: Whatever you do in this game, you need to keep your bird balance. If you jumping, turn right or left, your bird positions will fall into the sideline. But, you can predict the course of the road, if you through the narrow road, it will become larger eventually, and the opposite. It takes a lot of practice, but you can do it, guys!

tap tap dash gameplay

  • Timing is Your Ultimate Weapon: This is what I hate the most from this game. You need to time your jump. If your timing missed, you already know what will happen to your birds, right? At first, not everyone can do it. That’s why you need to practice more to become the great jumper.
  • Offline Mode: Yeah, everyone must know all games today requires an online access. But, don’t you underestimate the offline mode in this game. You can take advantages of this one by practicing your jump. Also, you don’t need any internet connection and it’s really beneficial for all of you who hate an online game.

The Best Way to Get Unlimited Scores!

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