Sling Kong Tips| How to Get the High Score? Follow Lead Below!

sling kong tips

Sling Kong is a new genre of game that everyone likes to play, I’m also included. Today I have a good news for you. Yeah, I will present you a way to get a high score in this game. I’m sure you curious about it, right? That’s why you need to see the Sling Kong tips below to make your gaming experience awesome.

Sling Kong Tips| How to Achieve the Best Score?

It’s really unavoidable everyone wants to get the highest score if possible. But, there are some factors that you need to know before that. Cure your curiosity by looking at the list below.

  • Patience: First of all, to get the highest score you need to be patience. Everything that you do calmly the result will be good for sure. You must notice, each stage doesn’t have any time limit, this is your great chance to take advantages of it. So, you can pause your game to take rest and start the game again.
  • Lucky Sling: If you want to get a better score, you need to climb higher. That’s the role of a lucky sling. Thanks to this, you can jump higher than normal. But, it won’t always appear. But, I have one way to solve that problem for all of you. You can set the time on your phone and move it forward one hour more. For the rest, just see the magic with your own eyes.
  • Peg: Peg is quite dangerous because it can explode. And if it explodes you will meet the game over screen. For that matter, you can throw the red peg and catch it again. Surprisingly, it will reset the timer and you will be safe.

P.S: If you want to get a better score, follow my lead is one of your options. It’s quite effective because I ever try it for myself. 

sling kong gameplay

Sling Kong Coins, Is it Important?

Yup, it’s important like your life, just kidding guys, LOL. In order to get a new character, you need to unlock it with coins. That’s why coins are really valuable in this game. But, I can give you a solution to obtain the coins quickly. How to do it? Just click Sling Kong Hack to grant all your wishes. That’s the end of my explanation, hopefully, Sling Kong tips can help you to achieve what you looking for

P.S: Use at your own risk. I only give you a solution, but I already tested it and works like a charm.


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