Seven Guardians Tips, How to Level Up Your Heroes Quickly!

seven guardians tips

Well, guys, I come back again to you present another great tip. My aim right now is Seven Guardians. Of course, everyone who likes RPG must know about this one. If you don’t know you need to download in the Play Store right away. Because after you play this game for a while you need my Seven Guardians tips how to level up fast. Without further ado, I will go directly to the main section below.

seven guardians quick level up

Seven Guardians Tips | The Great Way to Level Up Quickly!

  • You can easily level up your hero by playing the adventures mode. But, it will take a long time to complete. If you don’t want to waste any resources, you can do this way. And recommend you turn on the Auto-battle and leave it like that.
  • The second way it’s by enter the Sanctuary Battle. It’s a little bit harder but you will get a lot EXP points. But, I don’t recommend it if your team level is low. You will get beaten quickly without you knowing it.
  • The last and the best one, it’s by using an Elixir. There are two types of this one. The normal and peculiar Elixir. You need to remember, each Elixir have a different use. You can use normal Elixir to any heroes but Peculiar Elixir is different. It depends on the stars of the hero and Elixir. 4-star peculiar elixir can be used only for 4-star character.

seven guradians gameplay

How to Get Seven Guardian Free Diamonds without Any Hard Way?

The main currency of the game. Without a doubt, everyone needs this one. In the beginning of the game, it’s very easy to obtain this currency. Later in the game, it’s become harder to get. I don’t blame the developer for being stingy or not. But at least they hear the voice of the gamer who play this game. Don’t worry anymore guys, I have secret tips for you. Of course, you need to keep it a secret from the developer, but, you need to tell your friends who might need this one. Just click Seven Guardians hack to solve all your problem. I already tested it and works 100% without any problem occurs. If you can’t believe it, try by yourself.


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