School of Chaos Online Guide | Know Your Weapons Description!

school of chaos online guide

Howdy guys, I’m back again to give you the greatest guide. Today, my main game is School of Chaos Online. Of course, you know well about this game, right? For you who don’t know, I will tell you the glimpse of this game. It’s a school rumble fighting game. Yeah, you will fight against another student in one room. The last one standing is the winner. Without further ado, School of Chaos online guide to know further information about the weapon in the game.

School Of Chaos Online Guide | The Weapon Types in this Game

  • Foam Axe: The first weapon type that you get for the first. Although it’s only a foam, it’s quite deadly like a real weapon. But, it’s quite heavy. So, when you swing the axe, you will tend to miss the target. Thanks to the weight.
    • Attack Power: 1.50 (You can upgrade till 4.50)
  • Foam Saber: If you like speedy attack, this is the suitable weapon that you can choose. Although it’s not really powerful, it can help you to avoid all the enemies attack. If you can throw this weapon it’s really good actually. Personally, I’m really like weapon that has more speed rather than power. Because it’s easier to use and you can unleash a speedy¬†attack.
    • Attack Power: 1.25 (4.00 max)
  • Ball: Actually, this is the weakest weapon in the game. It’s a good idea to use this one as the diversion. And after you get a good chance, just use your another weapon to hit your opponents.
    • Attack Power: 0.30 (1.00 is the max points if you decided to use it)
  • Foam Tube: If you want to reach your opponent from far away. You can use this weapon instead. This is the best weapon for the job. Although the power it’s not that great, is enough for you to beat the enemy immediately.
    • Attack Power: 1.00 (3.00 Max)

That’s the weapon type that you need to understand in this game. Of course, you need to choose the best weapon that fit your situation. I can’t recommend you the best weapon, it’s your own choice.

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