Postknight Guide for Beginner, What Should You Know About This Game? Find it here!

postknight guide

Become a delivery courier is not a hard task to do. But, in this game, everything is changed. You won’t become the normal postmen but become the Postknight. You will carry a shield and weapon to beat all enemy along the way by delivering your stuff. From the description above its sound interesting. So, as today, I want to explain you about Postknight guide for the beginner. So, for you who recently play the game, don’t forget to check this one!


Postknight Guide for Beginner | What You Need to Know!

  • Balance Your Status: When you gain a level you will gain a status point. You must balance your character status in order to become the all-rounder character. Especially, for the agility part. Why? Because it will affect your dodge rate and critical chance. The higher your agility is the higher your critical chance. Just for your information, my character is strength agility type. Not only inflict higher damage, critical damage will also support it.
  • Gears Set: When playing a game, there are two types of people, the one who like the status of the gear and the other is care about the look of the gear. But, in a game like this, you must concentrate about the status itself because it can help you quite a bit. Trust me it works like a charm.
  • Delivery Quests: Do you want to earn free gold and materials quickly? Only here you can obtain it. Don’t worry about the difficulties, all users can enter it without finding any problem. So, when the first time you unlock this one, quickly grab this quest before you forget about it completely.
  • Gems: As the main currency, you really need this one. For what? Of course, to buy an equipment or armor for your characters. If you don’t waste your time, purchase it win gems can be your alternative. That’s why you need this save this one at all cost. How about you don’t have enough? Just calm down guys, I have a way for you. Just visit Postknight hack to obtain unlimited free gems.

postknight tips


I think that’s enough for the tips. Hopefully, it will help you who played this game. I know there are some Postknight tips that I can’t mention above. If you have another one, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Okay guys, see you all again next time. I will make an amazing guide that will make you speechless.


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