Pokemon Duel Tips To Become a Great Trainer!

pokemon duel tips

Pokemon once again comes back to Android and iOS. With the latest installment, the developer game-freak want to make all the players of the game nostalgic about Pokemon game. Actually, this one is quite different from your usual genre, which is RPG. Hmmm what I can say this one is similar to playing a chess. But, you still battle your opponents Pokemon and unleash a devastating skill. In order to win, you need to take care your own opponents base camp. Now, I want to give you Pokemon Duel Tips.

Pokemon Duel Tips to Become an Awesome Trainer, Check it out Now!

pokemon duel free gems

  • Save Up Your Gems: Yeah, don’t you ever use gems for a useless thing like speed up your treasure cheats obtained. What you need to do is buy an EXP booster for you Pokemon. Rather than using it for a useless thing. Because gems is hard to get, you need to save it up.

pokemon duel bad status

  • Pokemon That Has a Bad Status: Yeah, Pokemon that has a bad status like poison, paralyzed and confuse it’s quite helpful for you. It will be really easy to defeat the enemies Pokemon. Rather than you just attack normally. A strategy is the best thing to beat all of them.

pokemon duel spawn point

  • Block Your Opponent Spawn Point: In order to win fast, you must block your opponent spawn point. Usually, it’s on the left or right side of the field. If you can place Pokemon there, your opponent Pokemon will stop respawn.

pokemon duel extra quest

  • Beat The Extra Challenges: This is the free way to get gems. The challenges also have many varieties and it’s so easy to clear. This is my way to farming the gems. Actually, I have another way to obtain the gems. How to do it? Just visit Pokemon Duel hack to get free gems immediately without waiting.

Now, after you use my tips, you can get Pokemon Duel free gems as much as you want. Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for today article. Hopefully, my article today Pokemon Duel tips are useful for some of you who want to become the best trainer. See you soon guys in my next article.


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