Monster Park Guide, Choose Your Best Monsters!

monster park guide

Hey guys, do you love Monster Park game? Of course, you will. This Pokemon wannabe game must capture everyone from the first time they played it. For your information, I’m included, guys. I want to give many thanks to this who already accompanied me for almost 5 months. That’s why today I want to create Monster Park guide for all of you who play this one. I only focus on choosing the best monsters based on my opinion.

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Monster Park Guide, Get Your Best Monsters!

  • Charmander: The first monster that you will get. Many users think the first monster will be weak, but, that’s not true guys. If you raise it carefully, this one will become a monster for sure. The final evolution of this creature, Charizard is really a monster. It can one hit kill everything in this game. If it’s about power, you can count on this guys.
  • Treecko: The grass monsters. Actually, this one is not that good, but, this creature speed is really outstanding. Is it speed that important in this game? The answer is yes. Because it depends on who attack first. If your base speed is high enough, you can attack first before the other users.
  • Mewtwo: The powerful creature that excels on attack and special attack. Mewtwo is one of the legendary creatures that you should have. everything this monster┬ádo is devastating. If you can have this one, I guarantee your journey in this game will be a little bit easier.
  • Squirtle: Last but not least is Squirtle. If it’s about defense power, there are no monsters who can win against this one. The final evolution, Blastoise is like a moving fortress. This monster can withstand any attacks from the opponents. If you get this one, you’re truly blessed to become the best one in this game.

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They are the monsters that you should have in this game. I know you can choose which monsters to get, all of them based on luck, except Charmander. To summon that monster requires a lot of Pokemon crystals. Oh yeah, actually, I still have one secret guide for all of you how to get Monster Park free Pokemon crystals. Just click the link below to find out about it.

Monster Park Hack

I’m sure after you click the link above, all your problem must go away. I think it’s enough for today article Hopefully, my Monster Park guide can help all of you today to become the best player in the game. Have a nice day and see you in my next article.


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