Minecraft Pocket Edition Beginners Guide | Stuff That You Need To Do In This Game!

minecraft pocket edition beginners guide

Without a doubt, all of you must know about this one. The first time, this game launched in PC and thanks to great gameplay that this one offers. Minecraft gets ported to many game consoles. The last one comes to Android and iOS devices. Today, I want to give you Minecraft Pocket Edition beginners guide, I’m sure for new players who don’t know anything about this game must be confused. Relax guys, take a look at the guide below can help you to understand about this game a little more.

minecraft pocket edition game

Minecraft Pocket Edition Beginners Guide! The Ultimate Way to Become a Pro!

The Beginning Day: What you need to in the first day of the game? For all of you who confuse what you need to do, I have some tricks for all of you. Pay attention to the list below.

  • Collect wood, the first basic resources that you need. If you want to build anything in this game, wood¬†already becomes the main resources.
  • Wooden Sword and Wooden Pickaxe, the second item that you need to craft. You can also kill a monster when the nights comes.
  • Cobblestone, the item that you need to craft basic item. You can easily find this one. If you see the silver block, it’s the Cobblestone that you looking for.

The Night Time: What you need to do for the first night time? Actually, it’s nothing. Yup, you don’t need to do anything until you get Stone Sword.¬†You need this weapon to kill all the monsters to get advanced craft items from the monsters. Don’t forget to stay in your shelter. Because if you stay outside and doing nothing, you get beaten by the monsters that wandering around.

minecraft pocket edition gameplay

The Best Way to Get Free Diamonds

Of course, I’m not only giving you the guide how to play this game effectively. You know diamonds in this game. Having difficulties to get the currency? If so, I have one secret way to help all of you. Just visit Minecraft Pocket Edition Hack. I know it’s hard for you to believe this one 100%. Don’t worry guys I tested it and works like a charm. This is the easiest way for you to get Minecraft Pocket Edition diamonds. If you find another way don’t hesitate to write down in the comment section. I’m sure it will help your others friend.

Okay guys, I think it’s enough for today article about Minecraft Pocket Edition beginners guide. Hopefully, it can help you to achieve your dream to become the best players in Minecraft game. If you want to add anything regarding this matter, don’t hesitate to give your comments below.


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