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loong craft tips

Hey fellas? How are you? I’m back again to present you the game tips that you already waiting for. Do you know about Loong Craft? This Chinese MMORPG really famous among the Dynasty Warrior fan, I’ve also become the fan of the game when the first time I tried it. Today, I’m really kind to present you useful Loong Craft tips that might help you in the game. Are you curious about this one? You don’t need to be so hasty, my website won’t go anywhere. Just take your time to read the tips below.

Loong Craft Tips

  1. Online reward is very useful: Are you a hardcore gamer? Who always play the game hour and hour? If so, in this game you will be blessed. Here, you can claim the online reward based on the time you play the game. So, the longer you play the game, you will earn many rewards. Of course, the reward will get better than the previous one. For you who don’t notice before, it’s the right time for you to stay awake in the game (LOL).
  2. Auction: Do you want to earn more gold? If so, your best method is by doing an auction. Sell all the useless item that you might not need, the higher the rating of the item, the more you will get the gold. This is the main rule of MMORPG. Just sell your item to get much gold, rather than you farming it.
  3. Get the Title to earn additional Status: In the achievement tab, you can see the title menu. Complete specific quest will earn you the title. And if you equip it, you can increase your character status. So, you need to aim for the best title that can grant you many advantages in the battle.
  4. Grinding and farming as many times as possible: This is the main rules of RPG game. Grinding and farming is a must to gain enough level and specific material. If you a lazy person and want your character to become stronger but you don’t show the effort to achieve that, just leave this game already. Although it’s boring and tedious, you need to do the grinding and farming to make your character stronger than before.

loong craft gameplay

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I have the secret way to obtain diamonds. Are you curious about it? Of course, you will. This is the greatest offer that you can’t miss. Without further ado, just check out the link below that I provide you.

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You will be redirected to another page. From there, you can get Loong Craft free diamonds without spending your money, yeap, it’s for free. Now, that’s the end of my Loong Craft tips. If you want to ask anything about Loong Craft game, don’t hesitate to write down your problem in the comment section. I will reply as soon as possible. See you soon in my next article.


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