Cut the Rope 2 tips, The Best Way to Play This Game!

cut the rope 2 tips

Of course, you know this game very well since the first Cut the Rope. I’m also like this game very much, it can keep me playing all day. In this beautiful day, I want to give you Cut the Rope 2 tips. Why? Because I found something in this game, that’s why I want to share it with all of you. Hopefully, my tips can help all of you to play this game and have fun.

Cut the Rope 2 Tips, Check it Out Below!

cut the ropes 2 free candy coins

  • How to Gain Better Score: This is the first tips that I want to give to you. All of you must know how easy you can get three stars in each stage. But, do you know you can get a better score? Of course, all of you already happy when you receive 3 stars, but you can still rise your score. How can? It’s all depend the time on each stage. If you finish it faster, you will get a lot of scores.
  • Analyzed the Stages: In order to get a perfect three stars and score, you need to analyze the stage first. When something pop-up on your screen, you can tap it to find more information about it. If you can take an advantage of it, use it to complete the stage immediately. If you already analyzed all of them, I’m sure you already know what you need to do.
  • Additional Stage: I’m sure you curious about this one. How can you do that? Actually, it’s relatively easy thing to do. Yeah, it’s by collecting a medal in each stage or find the missing shamrocks. If you feel lazy to do the both, just give your real money to this game and get the additional content. As for me, I will collect the medal because it’s quite interesting and you will find a challenging mission in each stage.

cut the ropes 2 additional stage

So, what do you think Cut the Rope 2 tips that I give you? It’s helpful for all of you who play the game. if so, I’m really glad to hear that. Oh yeah guys, I almost forgot to tell you. Actually, I still have one secret tip to obtain the Cut the Rope free candy coins. I’m sure you want to know it, right? Calm down guys, I will give it to you right away. Just click Cut the Rope 2 hack to obtain all of it. Don’t worry a thing, this one already tested and working perfectly without any problem. Okay guys, see you soon in my next article. Goodbye and have a nice day.


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