Coin Master Beginners Guide | The Important Stuff That You Need to Know!

coin master beginners guide

Do you ever play COC game? If so, this game has the same vibe like that one. But, this one is more unique. Why? Because in order to get coins, attack and raid other villages, you need to spin the Slot machine first. Yeah, it’s really unique and bothersome. That’s why I present you Coin Master Beginners guide how to play this annoying game effectively.

Coin Master Beginners Guide

coin master gameplay

About the Slot Machine:

  • Hammer: If you get this picture when spinning the wheel, you can attack others village. You can choose from the 1 to 5 villages. After you attack, you will get coins as the reward.
  • Shields: If you get this one instead, you can protect your village from the outside attack. You need to aware the shield only survive for one attack. So, when another village attack you will be doom.
  • Pig Face: This is what I like from this game. If you get this one, consider yourself is a lucky person. Because not only you attack the other villages, you can also steal their coins. that’s why you need to choose the village that has many coins.

That’s the explanation about the slot machine, I will continue to the next one….

Connect to Facebook:

Actually, what will you gain from connecting into FB? Is it really beneficial? Or only make you stress out? Find the answer below.

  • 50 extra spins. I’m sure you aim for this one. For you who don’t have FB, you need to create it now.
  • The first time you connect to FB you will get 100K coins as the starter (Only once)
  • Save your progress in the game.
  • Play with your friends. You can also your friend’s village profile.

The Best Trick of Coins Master

Here, I will give you the best trick to spins your slot machine again and again. Just follow the easy steps below.

  • You need to close your Coin Master first if you already open it.
  • Set your time on your smartphone 1 day forward.
  • Open you Coin Master game again to know you can free spins again!
  • Just follow the steps to get instant spins everyday. Don’t forget to change back your time.

That’s the Coins Master trick that I want to show you. Hopefully, it can help you to experience the best gameplay.

The last trick is, I want to give you the way to get free coins. Just click the link below to give you the free coins to manage your village.

Coins Master Hack

Okay guys, that’s the Coins Master beginners guide that I want to give you. If you confused about something, just write down your comment below. I really appreciate it if you can do that. See you soon in my next article.



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