Break The Prison Mini Guide Part I | Break the Hardest Puzzle Level!

break the prison mini guide

How are you today? As for me, I’m in the perfect condition. Why? Because I finally solved all the cases in Break The Prison game. Now, for you who not done yet with some puzzle of the game, I will tell you everything that you need to know about this game. Hmmm… actually, it’s not everything, but I will cover the hardest puzzle or the confusing one in the game. Are you curious? Just see the guide below.

Break The Prison Mini Guide

  • Prison 1 (Puzzle 5)

The beginning of the stage and the last puzzle. I will give you applause if you can solve the case without using a guide (LOL). This place is a bit confusing. Here, you will find an empty room with a locker and box. But, you can’t interact with this two item. So, what should you do in this puzzle? First of all, do you notice the scratch mark in the middle of the wall? That’s the key to this puzzle. Just begin to tap it and swipe it up and down (Do it again and again until the scratch went darker). After a while, it will reveal an escape hatch. To end the puzzle, just tap it and you’re done!

  • Prison 2 (Puzzle 5)

break the prison gameplay

Now, we move to the second stage. The puzzle’s a little bit complicated, although the aim is clear as the sky. Yeah, you need to enter the digit number on the screen. But, the game won’t tell you which number you should input. Yeah, it’s a little big problem for us because we don’t know the indication of the number. The first hint is the can of water on the right side, of course, you can touch it but it won’t take effect. So, how should you do? Here it’s the real trick, you need to shake your device in order to knock down the can. You will see the water pouring down. Now, it’s the second hint. The number that reflects on the water actually is the number you should input on the screen. If you see the alphabet of Z actually is the number 2. And the number 2 on the water actually is 5. For the others number, it looks exactly the same, except for the two cases above.

That’s Break The Prison mini guide that I will give you today. So, if you want more, you need to be patience. Because I working on it. Oh yeah, for the goodbye present, I want to give you something that all the players of the game will like. What is it anyway? I will give you Break The Prison Coins. For you who can’t wait anymore, just see click the link below.

Break The Prison Hack

If you don’t understand about Break The Prison puzzle that I give you today, you can write down your question below. I will reply it as soon as possible. I’m really glad if my guide can help you to achieve three-star completion in the game.


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