Bomb Squad Game Review | All You Need to Know about This Game

bomb squad game review

Today, I’m gonna share you about one of the most exciting games that you can download from your mobile phone. This game entitled Bomb Squad. This is a very good game for you who like to play a party game. And if you want to know more about this one, you have to see this Bomb Squad Game Review. So now, let’s check this out and gain all the information that you want to know about it.

Bomb Squad Game Review

Bomb Squad is an action strategy game that has been published by Eric Froemling in 2011. This game is available for Android, Mac, and iOS platforms and it supports for mobile, tablet, and computer. It is quite popular up until now where the game has more than 10 million downloads just from the Play Store.

Bomb Squad Gameplay

The gameplay of this game is really easy and addictive where players just need to blow up each other to gain victory. This game offers a lot of mini-games for single player or co-op for 1-4 players, team match for 2-8 players where one team consist up to 4 players, and free for all for 2-8 players where all players can defeat each other.

Players will go to an arena when they start the game. In the arena, we will have four different actions such as run, punch, pick up, and throw the bomb. Then, we can get some power-up items that falling from nowhere to help us during the match. There are so many power-up items that you can take like boxing gloves, shields, health, sticky bombs, and still much more. Those items will make this game more enjoyable and more fun to play.


The game is quite easy to control where there is a virtual pad that we can use to move our character around. But, it is quite hard to aim in this game. We need to calculate the distance and direction before we throw the bomb. But, the control is quite neat and responsive while we move or do an action.


Bomb Squad game uses an eye-catching 3D graphic. The display of the arena, structures, and the other environment are really great and bright. And the explosive of the bomb is very realistic. Overall, the graphic is very good and it will make you amazed by the way.

Pros and Cons


  • The gameplay is really exciting and addicting.
  • Very fun even if we just play it in single player.
  • The game is free to play.
  • Using a very nice graphic.
  • Various actions.
  • Easy control.


  • It is not easy to aim the enemy.
  • In-app purchase means pay to win.


Bomb Squad is the best Bomberman look alike game that you can play. This game offers a lot of things to do. And it is not only good on the gameplay aspect but also the graphic and control. So, overall, this game is really good for you and it is worth your time. You should download and play this game right now. So, thank you for reading Bomb Squad Game Review and good luck on your game.

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