Beginners Tips for Heroes Charge | The Things You Should Do as Beginners

tips for heroes charge

Heroes Charge is an MMORPG with lots of excitement in it. In this game, you will find a lot of modes that you can play. With more than 50 kinds of heroes makes it more exciting. But, it is not as fun as you can imagine without knowing the tips for Heroes Charge below. If you know the tips to play this game, it would be more fun because you already know what you have to do.

6 Tips for Heroes Charge You Should Know from the Beginning

How to Unlock All the Modes Available

As you play this game, you will see that there are so many modes that you can play. But at first, not all of them are unlocked. Some of them are still locked until you go up to a certain level. So, you need to wait until the time comes to feel the sensation of playing in all those modes.

Below here is the requirement to unlock all the modes.

Arena Level 10
Time Rift Level 14
Equipment Enhancement Level 20
World Chat Level 24
Hero Trial Level 25
Crusade Level 30
Goblin Merchant Level 30

Get All the Equipment and Promote Your Heroes

The way to upgrade your heroes in this game is by collecting the equipment that needed by each hero. The equipment can be obtained through the game and after you have collected and filled all the equipment slots needed by a hero, you can promote them to raise their attribute and make them far stronger than before.

Promote the Heroes that You Oftenly Use

In promoting the heroes to become a better and greater one, it would be better if you can focus on some heroes. Don’t try to promote all of the heroes that you owned because it will hold your progress. I can suggest you do it just to some heroes that you place on the team which becomes your main heroes at this moment. It would benefit you more rather than trying to promote all of them.

Use Auto Fight to Replay the Previous Stage

The auto fight can be used once you have cleared the stage you want to replay. This feature really benefits you enough because it can help you in farming the items and XP. You don’t have to do anything while using this feature. Just see and enjoy the reward that you have farmed.

Bring the Heroes Which Support Each Other

Choosing the heroes to be added to your team is really crucial to guarantee you a win. If you are so diligent in choosing the best ones for the team, you will win many battles easily. One thing that you could do is placing the heroes with a different type. Never put only one type of hero because each type has strength and weakness against each other. Try to mix it will be a better option for the team.

Fight a Weaker Opponent in the Arena

When you already unlocked the arena mode, you should go in there and fight the other real player. If you can win, you will get a precious reward. And the easiest trick to win many battles is by choosing a weaker opponent. You can see the power of your potential opponent when entering the arena and you can choose yourself which one that you want to take on. So, pick the weakest one to increase your chance in winning battles.

That’s the last Heroes Charge tips for beginners on this day. And as an addition, I give you the trick in getting so many Gems easily. The trick is by using Heroes Charge Free Gems. You will get a lot of free Gems after you use that trick. Now, let me end the tips for Heroes Charge, thank you for reading and see you again soon.


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