6 Hot Wheels Race Off Tips and Tricks for Beginners

hot wheels race off tips and tricks

Hot Wheels Race Off has become so popular at this moment. Many players are downloading this game and play it. Even the number of players who downloading this game is still counting. From that fact, it is clear that there must be a lot of beginner in this game. That’s why we are here to give you some Hot Wheels Race Off tips and tricks to help you in the game.

Hot Wheels Race Off Tips and Tricks

Do the Stunts When You Have the Chance

Do the Stunts will be the first Hot Wheels Race Off tricks for today. The stunt is quite important in this game. It is not just to make the game more exciting, but also to unlock the stunt chest which will be available every 24 hours. When it becomes available, you can unlock it by filling the chest bar. And the bar can be filled by performing some stunts such as wheelie, endo, big air and back flip. After the bar is filled, you will get a reward.

Don’t Go Anywhere When You Are Out of Fuel

In this game, there is a fuel that will run out a little by little when you are in a race. Then, if you are running out of fuel, you don’t have to quickly end your game and exit. You may never know what is in front of you. If you are lucky, you may find a fuel can which can make your car powered up again. So, wait until your car stop and cannot move again before you decided to exit the game.

Forget the Stars

At the beginning, sometimes you won’t get all the stars on your first try. So, you don’t have to care about it and just focus on collecting the Coins because you will need it to upgrade your car. Then, if you have upgraded it, you can try the level again and try to collect all the three stars.

Don’t Mind to Repeat the Unfinished Level

If you failed to get the three stars of a level, you don’t have to hesitate to repeat it once again in order to get the best rewards that come along with the level. You can try it again after you have improved a lot and clear all the levels with three stars.

Try not to Make Your Upside Down

While playing this game, you will meet some obstacles that will make you fly in the air. So, it is clear that you have to land after that. In this moment, you have to be careful if you are about to do a landing. If you don’t make a good landing, you will find your upside down on the road. Then, you will explode and it is the end of your game.

Use This Generator

Now, we have arrived at the last hot wheels race off tips. One thing that you should try is using this Hot Wheels Race Off hack in order to help you to get a lot of free Gems. This is for free and you can get it just by clicking the link above. So, don’t forget to try it.

That’s all the Hot Wheels Race Off tips and tricks for today. Hopefully, it can be useful in order to improve your game. So, thank you for reading and see you.


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